MACH8 Einsteinium the Barbarian MXC2 MJS3 MXF T2B2

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                         Call Name: Einstein

                   AKC Registration #: SR491 77407

                   Date of Birth: March 27, 2008

                   CHIC #: 80751

                   Color: Yellow (eeBB or eeBb)

                   Height at Withers: 21.88"

                   Weight: 68.6 pounds


Some of Einstein's agility accomplishments    


  • With respect to the AKC regular 20 inch class, Einstein has 114 first and 85 second place finishes in the Standard and Jumps With Weaves courses. This is more first places than any other Labrador has won in the class.  Counting other venues (we have done a few USDAA trials) and course types Einstein has 169 total first places. The 20 inch AKC ribbons are particularly significant as they are in the class the vast majority of AKC agility Border Collies compete in.

  • Einstein has taken blue ribbons in AKC agility for Standard and/or Jumpers courses in the following states; Colorado, Deleware, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, West Virginia, Virginia, 

  • Einstein has finished in the top five for AKC Invitational rankings twice, and is the only male Labrador to place in the top five more than once thus far. (He has been ranked in the top 10 since 2011.)


  • With respect to the AKC agility invitational, which is host to top agility dogs from a number of different countries, Einstein has won best in breed and second in class. Second in Class (all sporting dogs) is the highest any Labrador has placed in the event through the years. He advanced to the final in 2013.

  • Among Labrador trainers and handlers it has become a practice to compare top times among dogs. We feel this is misleading as every team can have a lucky day or two in terms of courses and judges. It is much more accurate to compare averages. Einstein's average for his top 10 Standard Q's is 5.04 yps. We are pretty sure this is the highest 10 Q average for a Labrador in Standard. Einstein's average for his top 10 JWW Q's is 6.20 yps. 

  • We have only been able to attend the AKC Labrador Breed Agility trial held annually one time, which was in Grant Summit Missouri (Purina Farms) in 2012. The trial filled. In that trial Einstein qualified Standard on saturday and JWW on Sunday. Both q's were the Best in Trial in terms of yps. Most of the top 25 on the year were in attendance.

  • Einstein has so far earned 8 MACHs (master agility championship titles), and is closing in on an eighth. 

  • Einstein's 8 MACHs and his number of first and second places is testament to his combination of speed, consistancy and durability, a trio extremely rare for any breed in agility.

  • Einstein is one of three Labradors to have ever earned a MACH titile at the age of two

*  *  Einstein achieved these accomplished prior to turning 7 years old.  *  *


Please note, many excellent Labrador agility teams do not have the time or money to go to a large number of trials and consequently cannot be in the top 25, this is especially true since AKC has removed the speed bonus from its rankings procedure. However we feel that if one looks at Einstein's entire body of achievements, it is clear he is one of the premier agility Labradors in the history of the Sport.

Some personal facts about Einstein


  • Einstein was bred to Outlaw Josie Wells (near Columbia, Missouri) in 2012.  From that litter 3 are being trained for high end agility, and one for regular competition agility . All four (all males) are showing outstanding potential at this point in time. Two have been competing quite successfully in dock jumping,  another is doing well in FIeld Hunt trials.

  • For those familiar with Labradors who have distinguished themselves in agility Einstein and Scarlett (who won the 20" class at the 2010 AKC Agility Invitationals) share some of the same lineage, as the sire to Scarlett is the gransdsire to Einstein. 

  • Einstein, as is with most Labradors, is very friendly. He also loves water, rain and snow.

  • Einstein has high play drive, and has always loved doing agility.


If you want references to Einsteins first set of puppies you can contact us, we will be happy to supply them.


References; The extensive Limecreek data base on Agility Labrador Retrievers, which recently was taken down :(, the AKC archives, and our own personal knowledge of the sport

Health & DNA Information


  • OFA Hips (LR-195893G45M-VPI):                                                          Good

  • OFA Elbow (LR-EL49831M33-VPI):                                                        Normal

  • CERF (LR-367167):                                                                                 Normal; tested 4/2012, 4/2013 & 4/2014

  • Centronuclear Myopathy (LR-CNM361/26M-VPI):                             Clear

  • Exercise Induced Collapse (LR-EIC1660/26M-VPI):                            Clear

  • Narcolepsy (LR-NAR41/29M-VPI):                                                         Clear

  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy (LR-PRA808/29M-VPI):                          Normal

  • Retinal Dysplasia/OSD (LR-RDY98/29M-VPI):                                     Normal

  • AKC DNA #:                                                                                              V683327

  • Optimal Selction DNA ID#:                                                                    7000001014

Einstein with his Final Round Ribbon at the 2013 AKC Agility Invitationals

Einstein's Pedigree

A Few of Einstein's Runs